Celebrating Aunt Mary

A couple weeks ago, a big group of us came together in Green Bay to celebrate Aunt Mary. In true Nowakowski fashion, it was all about family, food, and fun. What occurs to me every time we all get together, is that there’s never enough time! Never enough time to talk to everyone, never enough time to catch up and share stories, never enough time to just sit and be in the moment. But still, even with so little time, we got to laugh together, cry together, eat together, and of course tell stories and share memories of Aunt Mary. I’m grateful for the time we had together, even if it wasn’t long enough, cause it never is!

Thank you for the memories Aunt Mary – your stories will live on through all of us!



2nd Christmas

Hard to believe its been nearly two years since my Nana went to heaven. As I get ready to host my very first family/cousin’s Christmas (with my cousin Erin), I can’t stop thinking about Nana. Not only because I’m constantly looking at her recipes and looking for new (for me, but tried and true for her) recipes to make Daniel and our little babies, but also for family favorites to bring back on cousin’s Christmas. Funny to think how one woman can make/leave such an impact, but she sure did!!!

Remembering my Nana

As we struggle with and mourn the sudden loss of my Nana, we also celebrate her life and feel a true sense the life she lived, the times we shared, and the memories we’ll always have. In an effort to stay busy and find a way to remember my Nana, I thought, I’d give a much needed face lift to the recipe site I created several years ago with her help. Now, even though she could decently maneuver her way around the iPad in recent days, let’s not kid ourselves in her ‘technical” involvement of the site, however, what she contributed was far more valuable than any of the technical know how – she provided much of the content. Many of these recipes are hers, or originated by her or her mom – our favorite Grandma Walsh. While there are surely many other content contributors (aka – people who shared recipes , I’ll forever associate cooking and baking with my Nana and Grandma Walsh. So here we go – let’s kick this thing off right!

And Nana and Grandma Walsh – now that I know you two are together in heaven smiling down on us – we send our ongoing love and hope you know you are truly missed. But we also know, love supersedes this earth – and we are so warmed and comforted by that thought!