Celebrating Aunt Mary

A couple weeks ago, a big group of us came together in Green Bay to celebrate Aunt Mary. In true Nowakowski fashion, it was all about family, food, and fun. What occurs to me every time we all get together, is that there’s never enough time! Never enough time to talk to everyone, never enough time to catch up and share stories, never enough time to just sit and be in the moment. But still, even with so little time, we got to laugh together, cry together, eat together, and of course tell stories and share memories of Aunt Mary. I’m grateful for the time we had together, even if it wasn’t long enough, cause it never is!

Thank you for the memories Aunt Mary – your stories will live on through all of us!



3 thoughts on “Celebrating Aunt Mary

  1. What a great picture of all of us! Sorry Heather you were with Landyn!

    Kelly your words of “never enough time” …that seems to always be the case but I am so grateful that we had the time that we had.

    Take care of yourself and again, thanks for sending the picture…I am amazed at how this family is growing and I am sure Grandma W and Nana and Tom and Aunt Mary are just smiling down on all of us!


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